Service description

Augmented Climbing Wall is an automatic and interactive game platform for climbing walls provided by Valo Motion, based in Helsinki, Finland. The product consists of a computerized system, which uses a combination of projected graphics and computer vision to create games and other applications on a climbing wall.

Subscription includes:

Games and applications:

  • Augmented Problems: route creation, sharing and climbing with video feedback
  • Whack-a-bat: gamified endurance trainer and all-round fun bat splatting
  • Sparks: shockingly enjoyable mazes
  • Climball: engaging two-player ballgame
  • Future general game releases automatically uploaded to you

Online tools (end-customer centric):

  • Online high scores
  • Video uploads for end customer (with your brand logo)

Online admin tools for you (Management Applications):

  • Cloud interface
  • Remote service / monitoring / management
  • Set a schedule (system turns on and off automatically)
  • Enable/disable games and applications
  • Adjust game settings
  • View statistics
  • Manage ads shown on wall

Online services provided to you by Valo Motion:

  • Online training & user manuals
  • Security updates
  • Software trouble shooting
  • Continuous system updates
  • Automatic uploads of new general games
  • Extra features added

The connectivity enables consistent, remote maintenance and updates. Updates ensure that your systems will receive new content and games quickly and work error free.

Hardware and Electronics for the system:

  • 6 000 lumen projector with short throw optics
  • Powerful computer and touchscreen
  • Depth-camera
  • Loudspeaker
  • Protective enclosure
  • Pylon and cover for floor mounting (ceiling/wall mounting options available)
  • Software preinstalled

Standard pricing for this service is 150 € / month or 1600 € / year.

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